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What you’re selling is amazing. But…

…a great product or service isn’t enough. People will only buy if they understand what your product or service does for them and why they need it.
analytical skills
vibrant writing
that converts

Using a scientific mind and a big heart, I translate your offer into a clear brand narrative that makes sure your audience understands the value, cares, and actually buys.

Because each project is unique, start by booking a free call.

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Write Your Heart Out Workshop

Turn your big dreams into clear copy that your people can’t resist

A 5-day, small group, get-stuff-done writing workshop for entrepreneurs with unique, creative, or just kinda weird offers

Next session coming September 2024 </span

Previous clients include tech start-ups, international nonprofits, wellness solopreneurs, and more.


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Figure 1.1: This will NOT be you.

6 Steps to Writing That Sells

  1. Meet – Book a free half-hour call to ask your questions and tell me about the amazing thing you’re selling.
  2. Plan – We set up the project, deadlines, and your custom quote.
  3. Share – In an hour-long call, you share everything about your audience and offer. I ask questions to get to the heart of your offer’s value.
  4. Relax – You run your business! I write the copy.
  5. Perfect – Every project comes with 2 rounds of revisions to get it just how you want it.
  6. Sell! – Publish your new copy and start converting more customers! Even better, through this process we’ll uncover more about your audience and your offer’s value, so you can improve your marketing far beyond this project.

Ifs, Ands, Buts

Because messaging is the foundation of your marketing, you may be ready for a copywriter earlier than you think. It’s smart to figure out your messaging at the same time as developing your product or service, so that your offer matches perfectly with the story you’ll use to sell your offer.

Before working on your messaging, you need to know what your business is and you need to be ready to start selling soon.

I recommend this order:

  1. Develop your preliminary plan for your new business or offer.
  2. Build your messaging and positioning. (This is the time to reach out to me!)
  3. Write the copy.
  4. Hire a designer and/or developer to publish the copy. 

(Have you already started with a designer or developer, or do you have your business up and running? It’s never too late to put together high-converting messaging. The best time to start is now!)

I have a client who makes cutting-edge software for advanced AI manufacturing systems. The point of my client’s software is to catch mistakes. Because even the best AIs make mistakes.

There are lots of great uses for AI writing. (I use it myself all the time.) But it’s not a cure-all. I’d recommend using AI for writing if:

  • You know exactly what you need written (length, sections, style, etc)
  • You have time to figure out the AI, write effective prompts, and review the output carefully
  • You know how to tweak the output to make sure it has your brand voice and sounds human
  • You know enough about copywriting to assess whether the AI’s output is effective for your purposes

If that’s you, then AI might be the right choice. If not, then hiring a human expert is going to save you time and give you better results. (If your project is well-suited to AI, then your human writer will use it!)

Messaging is the foundation of your business and how you connect to customers. If your AI writer gives you something that’s generic, ineffective, or even incorrect, then you’ll lose potential customers every time someone sees that writing. It’s worth investing in professional copywriting to make sure your messaging foundation is solid. With your core messaging in place, it will be much easier to use AI yourself for other projects, too.

I quote each project individually because every project is unique. Once we talk about what you need in more detail, I’ll be able to give you a quote for your specific project.

I know small businesses and startups have tight budgets, so I always work with clients to find the best way to give them the maximum value. That’s why every package is unique — so that you get exactly what you need.

If you’d like to know how much it will cost, we can set up a free call to answer all your questions. The call has no pressure or commitment. It’s just so you can get the right information for your unique business.

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Figure 1.3: 1 part STEM background for quick, detailed understanding of your offer.

1 part big heart for deep empathy with your audience.

1 part chocolate.

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Learn more about my messaging expertise: