Circuit Sales System

Recommending the Circuit Sales System for Course or Program Creators

My Favorite Course to Sell (and Scale!) on Autopilot Every Day

Without the Chaos of Live Launching or the Low Conversions of Evergreen

This free, on-demand video training will flip on its head all you think you know about selling courses, memberships, and other offers. 

The Circuit Sales System 40x’ed Nicki’s copywriting training business in just 2 years, and now you can use it to scale your course, too.

Nicki is my copywriting hero, a mentor I know well, and someone I would recommend to anybody who wants to learn about entrepreneurship, marketing, and selling stuff crazy well. I could not recommend this course more!

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Meet your new coach, Nicki Krawczyk, a lazy (and crazy successful) entrepreneur!

What You’ll Learn

  • How to generate all the excitement and conversions of live launching, without the chaos
  • How to sell your offer at exactly the time each person is most eager to buy
  • How to save your energy and best content for purchasers (while selling even more!)

Don’t have time to rework your sales system yourself?

No worries! I’ve taken the course too, and once you register I can work with you to write all the emails, landing pages, and video scripts you’ll need.

Check out my favorite system for course creators to sell like crazy on autopilot