The Client

The Center for Health and Research Transformation (CHRT) and its sister organization the Washtenaw Health Initiative (WHI) conduct and promote health research in Michigan. They focus on social determinants of health and on health policy. Their clients are foundations and organizations. Their voice is knowledgeable and factual.

The Audience

CHRT’s audience includes health professionals, local government officials, policymakers, health system representitives, and foundations. Their audience is educated, but may not have in-depth knowledge of every topic that CHRT covers.

The Problem

CHRT aims to become an authority on health research in Michigan and to influence health policy in a positive way.  To achieve that goal, they wanted to send out newsletters more frequently, continue to update their website to showcase their research,  and improve their SEO. They also publish updates on programs that a community mental health millage is funding, in order to promote the millage and encourage voters to support it in the future.

Our Solution

On an ongoing basis, I write content for CHRT and WHI that showcases their expertise and aims to influence policymakers and health professionals. I write journalistic stories about their research and projects. I have ghostwritten an op-ed for a local paper. I put together two newsletters a month for various initiatives, working with CHRT staff to produce and organize the content. I improved the SEO of their website using Yoast. I write media summaries, research summaries, bios, project descriptions, and other text that CHRT and their partners need.

The Result

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