The Client

The Canadian Society for Addiction Medicine (CSAM) is a professional nonprofit organization for addiction medicine professionals, including doctors, therapists, and more. They offer a yearly conference and other events and benefits.

The Audience

The audience for this copy is potential sponsors for CSAM. Sponsors are businesses that wish to market to addiction medicine professionals or who wish to demonstrate their commitment to improving the lives of those with addiction disorders. They are looking for evidence that sponsoring CSAM will achieve those goals.

The Problem

CSAM worked with Grow with AMP to find sponsors for their conference. A challenge is to stand out to businesses and convince them that sponsoring CSAM will grow their business.

Our Solution

Together with the Grow with AMP team, I wrote a prospectus that detailed the benefits of sponsoring CSAM. (A few pages are included below.) The prospectus is sent to potential sponsors to provide more information. I also wrote several emails and email sequences to send to potential sponsors, encouraging them to contact the sales team members. I focused on emphasizing the benefits to the sponsors and how CSAM can offer them a positive ROI.

The Result

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