The Client

Cibiltech has built an algorithm that predicts the likelihood of survival for an allograph (transplanted organ). They specialize in kidney transplants. Their voice is professional, expert, and caring.

The Audience

The audience for Cibiltech is hospitals, pharmaceutical researchers, and doctors. Their audience is knowledgeable on this subject, so Cibiltech must demonstrate expertise.

The Problem

Cibiltech is growing, and hired the Flying Saucer Studio agency to help with that growth. They had an existing website which they wanted redone more professionally.

Our Solution

I worked for Flying Saucer Studio as the copywriter for this project, working closely with the project manager. I asked questions and read documentation until I thoroughly understood not only their product, but the needs of the audience and the deepest benefits that Cibiltech offers. I wrote in a way that demonstrated Cibiltech’s expertise while still being clear, concise, and focused on deep benefits instead of technological features.

The Result

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