The Client

Sundara has a long history as a soap recycling non-profit, but they recently rebranded and developed a new program to support female entrepreneurs in underserved countries. Their voice is feminine, positive, and focused on empowerment.

The Audience

Sundara’s new website needed to speak to two audiences: female entrepreneurs who wanted to apply to their new program and donors who wanted to support the program. The applicants needed to easily find clear instructions. The donors needed to quickly see the overall mission and impact.

The Problem

When Sundara initially rebranded and launched their new program, they lost several donors and grant opportunities. Their first group of applicants also did not completely understsand their program. Their site wasn’t clearly explaining what they do.

Our Solution

I began by working with Sundara on the overall site organization, focusing on simplifying the web pages and separating which parts of the site were aimed at applicants and which were aimed at donors. The end result was a menu and site flow that made it easy for both donors and applicants to quickly find the information they need. Then we reorganized the About Us sections to explain the change in the organization more clearly. I rewrote the home page to focus more on the benefit to donors and to present their new program simply. I rewrote the pages aimed at donors to emphasize the benefit to them (having an impact on the world) and I rewrote the pages aimed at applicants to present the rules of the program clearly.

The Result

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