The Challenge

Fuzzy Logic Robotics is a startup that makes software for factory robotics. They were ready to go after bigger clients, but they needed new branding that would attract big factories and make Fuzzy look like the top experts they are. They also had to explain very complicated robotics software in a way that non-techy readers would understand.

The Process

Fuzzy came to the wonderful Flying Saucer Studio for their new brand, and I was lucky enough to be on the Flying Saucer team for the project. They needed both French and English branding, so the French copywriter and I worked together to create a bilingual brand platform with key messages, a brand story, and their mission, vision, and values. Then I wrote their English website.

Our Solution

We dug into the details to understand exactly how Fuzzy’s offer served factory owners and operators, and to explain the benefit from the audience’s perspective in a way that anyone could understand. We distilled Fuzzy’s value down to the slogan “Robots that Speak Human” and built the branding on that concept.

The Result

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