The Challenge

Mesut Celebi, an executive coach, angel investor and serial entrepreneur, had been coaching executive teams for years. He saw how the leaders of multinational corporations often struggled with fixed mindsets, and how working on a growth mindset had amazing results for his clients. Mesut and his colleague Otto Freijser decided to create GrowthStars, a training program for corporate executive teams. They needed a website to promote their program and make it official.

The Process

Mesut and his web developer put together a beautiful website, but they weren’t sure how to convey the unique value of GrowthStars. They came to me to turn their big ideas into benefit-packed, audience-focused copy that would convert savvy executives. Through several calls, we dug into what makes GrowthStars essential for a corporate executive.

Our Solution

I wrote the key messages for GrowthStars and created a homepage that focuses on how a growth mindset, and this training in particular, can have significant, tangible results for an executive team. I wrote case studies based on video interviews with previous clients, explained the humanitarian focus of GrowthStars, and gave Mesut and Otto a focused website they could use to persuade their executive audience.

The Result

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