As a business owner, you know your product or service inside and out. The features, the strengths, and the potential value for your target audience are clear to you. However, too often businesses assume that customers will automatically understand these benefits. They assume that the audience will connect the dots between the features and the value, without further explanation. This is a huge mistake.

Potential customers will not see the benefits of your offer as clearly as you do, so it’s crucial to clearly and concisely express the benefits in order to persuade them to buy.

Here are some examples of how to do that.

Example 1: Customizable software

It’s tempting to simply list “customizable” on your website or marketing materials. But “customizable” doesn’t convey to potential buyers the value of this feature.

Ask yourself, why is being customizable beneficial? Then include that answer.

For example, you might say, “Our software is customizable, so you can streamline your workflow and reduce admin time by up to 50%.”

That’s a clear benefit.

Example 2: Group coaching

If you offer group coaching as part of a program, it’s easy to just write “group coaching” on your list of features and walk away. However, this doesn’t communicate the actual value of coaching to potential customers.

Try digging down and finding the real benefit of that coaching. Maybe something like, “Our course includes group coaching, so you can stay accountable and improve your chances of success by getting personalized support and feedback from a community of peers.”

Example 3: Amazing customer support

The importance of customer support might seem obvious to you, but it might not be to your potential customers. Especially if you say something unspecific, like “top customer support”. What does that mean for them?

Instead of just saying that you offer excellent support, say something like, “Our customer support team is available 24/7, so you can get answers to your questions immediately and get back to what you do best.”

That demonstrates the value of your customer support to the potential customer and shows why your support is better than a competitor’s.

Clarity is Everything

The benefits of your offer may be obvious to you, but they’re not to your potential customers. To persuade people to buy, you need to spell out the benefits of your products or services as specifically and concretely as possible. This means finding two to four benefits of your offer and communicating them clearly whenever you talk or write about it. The more people understand the benefits, the more likely they are to buy!

Need a hand? 

Communicating your offer’s benefits clearly can be difficult, especially when you’re so close to it. If you’d like help finding and communicating the deeper benefits of your offer, you can always get in touch with me by booking a free call.