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How to write a mission and vision that help YOU

Mission and vision statements can be powerful tools to:

  • Help you make decisions
  • Figure out your next steps with clarity
  • Write powerful copy that connects with your audience
  • Keep your team united and motivated

Let's make your vision and mission statement
your go-to tool for decisions and writing

In this 10-minute lesson and the workbook, you’ll learn:

  • How to write a mission and vision statement that are actually useful
  • How to use those statements to make business decisions and get clarity
  • What a useful, clear mission looks like (and what it doesn’t)
  • Why mission and vision matter!

Scroll down to get the workbook, and follow along as you listen. It just takes a moment to jot down your ideas … and you’ll thank yourself later!

Follow along in the workbook

Write it now… thank yourself later!

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What it's like to work with me

"Cleo had some great ideas to change the focus of my website from what I do and can provide to a client to what the client is going to feel once they've used my organizing/decluttering services. It took some time to think that way, but I did get my site updated and 3 days later I had someone who's been on the fence for a year reach out and said she decided to look at my website again and said, "I really do need your services to start the new year." I attribute her decision to my updated website. I think she felt that it now focused on her and her feelings and the benefits of hiring me. Thanks, Cleo!!"
Caryn Weber
Organized Chaos
"With a few questions, and in no less than an hour, Cleoniki had a strong enough handle on my business - its services, values, what differentiates it from competitors, etc. - to craft strong, compelling copy for my website. Some of it is on my business card now, too!"
Joe Diaco
Podcast Editor & Coach

"Cleo, I cannot thank you enough!! Your explanation and clear steps gave me the tools I needed to connect the dots. I love my website and am now working on using my story brand to create content!"
Jenny Cee
Cee Clear Organizing

"I am so glad we set such a beautiful tone for the brand copy, makes everything so easy from here. Can’t thank you enough for making my vision come to life the way you did. I love the copy so much. The whole story feels complete and totally realized, I’m over the moon!!!!"
Cassandra Kehren
Aquarius Day