Letting Go: A Crucial Step in Business and Parenthood

“Let go!” my kid screams, while pulling so hard that if I let go she’ll fall over. There’s a crucial step to do first – whether you’re letting go of a kid’s hand, or a part of your business. 

Being entrusted with writing for a business is an honor, especially when it’s the first time the reins are handed over to someone else. But just like I can’t release my grip on my kid’s hand unless she’s standing, a business can’t let go of a task until it’s ready to stand on its own.

1. The Stand-Up Moment

For my daughter, it’s a matter of her standing up. Feet firmly planted, she gains the stability needed for me to release my grip without fearing a face-plant on the pavement. Similarly, when letting go of a part of your business, you need to ensure that the segment can stand up on its own.

So, what does standing up in business look like?

2. Define Your Brand’s Voice

Firstly, consider how your brand’s writing should feel and sound. Is it playful and quirky or professional and formal? Defining your brand’s voice is like giving your business a personality, making it easier for others to connect with.

3. Know Your Audience Inside Out

Next up, get to know your audience. What are their wants, needs, and fears? Understanding your target demographic on a personal level allows you to tailor your messaging to resonate with them. Just as my kid needs to stand independently, your business segment needs to align with the desires and concerns of your audience.

4. Craft Your Brand’s Big Message

Lastly, what’s the overarching message of your brand? What sets you apart from the competition? Clearly defining your brand’s big message helps create a cohesive narrative that customers can latch onto. This step is akin to making sure my daughter stands confidently before I release her hand.

5. The Leap of Faith

Once you’ve got these elements in place, you’re ready to let go. Just as I trust my daughter not to topple over once she’s standing, letting go in business becomes a smooth transition. You can rest assured that your entrusted task is well-supported and won’t crumble.

But what if you’re feeling the need to let go, yet these foundational elements are still a bit wobbly? Fear not. A skilled freelancer can work with you, collaborating to strengthen these aspects before fully taking the reins. It’s a partnership – a dance – to ensure that when you do let go, everything stands tall.

Connect Emotionally, Sell Powerfully

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Ready to take the next step in letting go and entrusting your brand’s narrative to a storyteller? Let’s chat and create a fairytale that resonates with your audience. Your brand’s adventure awaits!