So, you’ve got this amazing offer that could change lives, but here’s the hitch – you don’t have those fancy stats metrics, or figures to back it up. Fear not! We’ve got three savvy ways to use numerical data that don’t just prove your offer is great but make it stand out in a crowd. Whether it’s showcasing customer testimonials, highlighting key performance indicators, or illustrating potential impact through hypothetical scenarios, these strategies will bolster your offer’s credibility and appeal, even in the absence of traditional statistics.

1. Showcase the Effort

Ever noticed how people value things more if they know the effort that went into creating them? If you can’t easily prove why your offer is a game-changer, shift the focus to the sweat and tears behind it.

For instance:

  • “Pulling from 23 combined years of graduate school…”
  • “2,560 hours of work went into creating this masterpiece…”

Not applicable? Try getting creative with highlighting the journey and dedication that went into developing your offer. It’s not just about the destination; it’s about the effort-filled journey.

2. Quantify the Savings

Almost every offer out there promises to save people time, money, or something valuable. The trick is finding a unique way to measure and express those savings. Get inventive!


  • “Save enough every week for 6 lattes.”
  • “Get up to an hour back each day! That’s 2 short meetings, 60 minutes of flow, or 20 answered emails – every day.”

If the concept of savings still seems elusive, think about the tangible benefits your offer provides. It could be financial savings, time saved, or even stress avoided. Quantify it in a way that resonates with your audience.

3. Just Count Stuff

Numbers, no matter how arbitrary, catch attention and build trust. If you’re struggling to find concrete stats, just count something related to your offer. It’s a psychological trick that adds a layer of credibility.

For example:

  • “12 intuitive features and counting.”
  • “16 video lessons with 22 resources.”

Even if these numbers don’t directly prove the effectiveness of your offer, they add a sense of substance and detail that captures attention.

Bonus 4th Technique!

Are you still feeling stuck in the number game? It happens! That’s where a messaging expert can be your secret weapon. An outside perspective from someone who’s mastered the art of messaging can help you unearth those hidden numbers and use them to convert customers.

Curious to explore these techniques further? Schedule your free consultation now! Let’s turn those abstract ideas into quantifiable awesomeness and make your offer irresistible!