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60 minutes of 1-on-1, no-holds-barred writing and messaging guidance, so you can get the clarity and confidence you need to take your next step.

Project-in-an-Hour gives you all of the expertise & advice of a full copywriting project packed into one 60-minute call. (For 1/10th the price!) If you’re:
  • Sick of freebies and templates that you’re not sure how to apply to your own business
  • Confused by conflicting advice from gurus, mentors, and friends
  • Not ready to commit to a whole project … but definitely ready for some real 1-on-1 support

Then Project-in-an-Hour is for you.


You'll get:

  • Personal advice for YOUR business (no templates)

  • Concrete suggestions to get results NOW (never vague)

  • Clear, direct answers to all your writing or messaging questions (nothing held back)

+ Transcript and recording so you can focus without worrying about taking notes

This call is 100% yours

Use it for: 

Website Audit

Marketing Audit

Brainstorm Session

Messaging Strategy

Marketing Planning

Writing Coaching

You’ll walk away ready to move forward with confidence.

No more decision paralysis. It’s time to take action.

Cleo had some great ideas to change the focus of my website from what I do and can provide to a client to what the client is going to feel once they've used my organizing/decluttering services. It took some time to think that way, but I did get my site updated and 3 days later I had someone who's been on the fence for a year reach out and said she decided to look at my website again and said, "I really do need your services to start the new year." I attribute her decision to my updated website. I think she felt that it now focused on her and her feelings and the benefits of hiring me. Thanks, Cleo!!
Caryn Weber
Organized Chaos

Cleo, I cannot thank you enough!! Your explanation and clear steps gave me the tools I needed to connect the dots. I love my website and am now working on using my story brand to create content!
Jenny Cee
Cee Clear Organizing

Get answers for YOUR business

Get the expertise and guidance you need, at 1/10th the price of a full project.

Project-in-an-hour vs full website copywriting