The Client

Charity Miles is an app that lets people raise money while walking, running, or biking. They often work with companies on employee engagement initiatives where employees log miles and the company sponsors donations for each mile. Their voice is always positive, celebratory, and encouraging while staying professional.

The Audience

The audience for this content is companies that are considering partnering with Charity Miles for an employee engagement initiative. Clients include small companies as well as well-known worldwide organizations. The audience is looking for a way to engage employees and improve morale while also giving back to the community and furthering their social responsibility initiatives.

The Problem

Charity Miles has partnered with many companies on many successful projects, but they did not have easily shareable content to send to prospects that showed the work they had done.

Our Solution

I wrote over 30 spotlight articles and posted them on the Charity Miles blog. Each spotlight explained what one partner had done with Charity Miles and celebrated their success. Charity Miles could share the spotlights on social media or directly with prospective partners. For each spotlight, I interviewed representatives from the partner company. Companies I spotlighted included Johnson & Johnson, Warner Media, JP Morgan, and other organizations large and small. Below are two examples.

I conducted this work through Flying Saucer Studio.

The Visuals

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The Result

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