The Challenge

Richard is a NetSuite consultant, and let’s face it, that sounds pretty boring. NetSuite is accounting software for large enterprises, and it doesn’t sound light-hearted or fun. But Richard had a goal: he wanted to combine his laid back, cheerful personality with some fun branding to create a NetSuite consulting brand unlike any other. His goal was to stand out and to attract the kind of easy-going, fun-loving clients he enjoys working with.

The Process

Richard chose to build his brand around pho, the Vietnamese soup. He wanted his verbal branding to reflect the warmth and comfort of a big bowl of pho, and the easy-going vibes of your favorite uncle. We worked closely together to figure out the right blend of casual language, soup puns, and professional NetSuite terms that would show off his expertise and his personality.

The Result

Uncle Pho Knows has a NetSuite consulting home page unlike any other! Combined with his bright visual brand, Richard’s verbal branding makes him stand out from the blander consultants out there.