The Client

Melinda had sold most of her paintings by within her network. She was launching a podcast to expand her reach, and needed a website for her new audience to see her work. Her main challenge was to balance the warmth and authenticity of her work and personality with the professionalism needed to stand out and attract corporate customers.

The Audience

Melinda sells her paintings to individuals and businesses. Her audience has high disposable income and an appreciation for art, spirituality, and nature. Her goal is to transition to a corporate audience. The individuals who buy her art are looking for authenticity and connection. For her growing corporate audience, professionalism and experience are important.

The Problem

Melinda Harr Curley is an abstract painter and poet. Her work focuses on the energetics of art, especially connection to nature.  Her voice is positive, spiritual, and poetic.

Our Solution

Melinda and I worked closely together to create her website. Melinda needed the website to be professional enough to appeal to business audiences, while still being authentic to her own voice and beliefs. We created her brand voice and story to balance both those aspects. I also worked with Melinda on her online marketing plan. (You can see more about the newsletters I write for Melinda here.) In addition to the copywriting for this project, I also did the web development using Squarespace.

The Result

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