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Turn your big dreams into copy that your people can’t resist

A 5-day, small group, get-stuff-done writing workshop for entrepreneurs with unique, creative, or just kinda weird offers.

We'll work together to write copy that makes your audience feel understood, secure, and eager to buy.

Next session coming September 2024

If you’re thinking…

“When I explain my course in person, people get so excited. But when I try to write about it, it just sounds… blah.”


“I know there are people who could really benefit from this app, but nothing I’m writing seems to resonate.”


“What I do is pretty complicated, and I don’t know how to write about it without confusing or overwhelming people.”

What You’re Missing is Story

If you’ve ever struggled to write about your offer on your website, in emails, on socials, or anywhere else, you’re not alone. It’s hard!

How can you make it easier? With a story.

Humans learn and connect through storytelling

If you want to create emotional connections like loyalty and trust with your audience, while you explain to them how your offer can change their lives, you need to do two things:

  1. Figure out what story to tell
  2. Learn how to write it in any medium  

That’s what you’ll learn in the Write Your Heart Out small-group workshop.

With those 2 pieces, you’ll be able to confidently and clearly write about your offer anywhere, anytime – and your audience will feel understood, secure, and eager to buy.

P.S. Not sure your offer is creative or interesting enough? Before you count yourself out, ask yourself if that’s just your Inner Critic speaking. I bet you’re more unique than you think.
Write Your Heart Out Workshop

5 Building Blocks for a Foundation of Clarity & Connection

Next session coming September 2024 – but I won’t be talking at you. This is a workshop, not a course!

Every hour will start with some explanation, and then we’ll jump into exercises we do together.

Come prepared to write – we’ll work together in a small group to write and revise your copy so that by the end of the week, you’re ready to hit publish!

Story: The Secret to Connection

Learn how to write in a way that inspires real emotion – and action.

Tone of Voice: Build Trust

Make your business more memorable and trustworthy with an authentic brand personality and voice.

Home Page: Welcome & Persuade

Get your website visitors to think, “That’s perfect for me, it looks amazing.”

Socials & Emails: Be Heard

Stand out in cluttered feeds and inboxes with authentic, benefit-packed, audience-focused writing.

Your Questions Answered

Get answers to the messaging and marketing questions that are most important to you.

Plus much more

  • A recording of each meeting (plus copies of notes) so you can review or catch up any time
  • Feedback on your work every day so you never have to figure stuff out alone
  • Lots of chances to ask questions about your unique situation
  • A Slack group to work together and get feedback between sessions

Heart + Science = Real Connections

Meet your teacher

I combine the analytical skills from biology and computer science degrees with a big, empathetic heart to write authentic copy that connects and helps you make your impact in the world.

My secret? Storytelling.

Story is the way humans are wired to communicate, and using storytelling techniques is the best way to connect authentically with your people – especially when your offer can be tricky to understand!

What it's like to work with me

"Cleo had some great ideas to change the focus of my website from what I do and can provide to a client to what the client is going to feel once they've used my organizing/decluttering services. It took some time to think that way, but I did get my site updated and 3 days later I had someone who's been on the fence for a year reach out and said she decided to look at my website again and said, "I really do need your services to start the new year." I attribute her decision to my updated website. I think she felt that it now focused on her and her feelings and the benefits of hiring me. Thanks, Cleo!!"
Caryn Weber
Organized Chaos
"With a few questions, and in no less than an hour, Cleoniki had a strong enough handle on my business - its services, values, what differentiates it from competitors, etc. - to craft strong, compelling copy for my website. Some of it is on my business card now, too!"
Joe Diaco
Podcast Editor & Coach

"Cleo, I cannot thank you enough!! Your explanation and clear steps gave me the tools I needed to connect the dots. I love my website and am now working on using my story brand to create content!"
Jenny Cee
Cee Clear Organizing

"I am so glad we set such a beautiful tone for the brand copy, makes everything so easy from here. Can’t thank you enough for making my vision come to life the way you did. I love the copy so much. The whole story feels complete and totally realized, I’m over the moon!!!!"
Cassandra Kehren
Aquarius Day

Total value: $1,600

But that’s not what you’ll pay!

The Write Your Heart Out Workshop is only $397 CAD to join.

You get an entire week of direct writing support, feedback, and co-creative with a copywriting expert… all for less than a tenth the price of a regular copywriting project

(Don’t miss this session! Write Your Heart Out will be back, but it will be more expensive next time.)

Ready to Write Your Goals Into Reality?